The success of the naturopathic therapy essentially depends on the quality of the anamnesis and the selected  therapy.



The personal medical history (anamnesis) contains all diseases, medications and distinctive features till the present day. The private and occupational environment, as well as lifestyle are important too. Besides, diseases of brothers and sisters, parents, and grandparents play an important part in naturopathy. Only from the sum of this extensive information an individual and holistic picture can be visualized.

Further examinations will be carried out depending on the results of the anamnesis:


Physical Examination

Externally visible and palpable symptoms of the body, and function tests point to weakened, or strained organs, metabolic disorders, as well as individual idiosyncrasies.


Laboratory Diagnostics

According to symptoms, thorough examinations of blood, urine, and stool specimen may be necessary. These analyses are carried out by laboratories that work according to the latest medical research, and integrate current results of research into their analyses immediately.



The therapy will be compiled individually in close cooperation with the patient, whereas individual preferences will be considered as far as possible. The positive willingness for cooperation is an essential criterion for a successful treatment.

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