I credit my parents for instilling the belief that each of us can be responsible for our own health and for fostering my fascination with human physiology and natural health.


My earlier education in business economy proved to be an asset. This background gave me a strong analytical mindset for problem-solving, which I now apply to natural medicine. I have always had an interest in how things 'really work', and a good naturopathic physician functions as a "medical detective" in order to discover the true causes of illness.


I think that each health challenge provides an opportunity to learn something valuable about the self. I believe they have the potential to push us to expand, learn and grow and become more conscious of who we are and what we are really here for - they are great 'wake-up' calls. I see illness as a message from the inside telling us that something is out of balance and needs to be addressed.


I love what I do and am passionate about helping people on their journey to health and well being.

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